Ends on August 7, 2017

Open Signal's cable TV platform can be used as a tool to agitate for and inspire social change. This class gets you started!

Do you have an idea for a show that would inspire compelling community dialogue? Sign up for Open Signal's project-based studio class, "We ARE the Media," and submit a proposal that explains what your idea is, how many people you'd need, how you'd shoot it and other logistics.

If your proposal is chosen, you'll get to work with a crew of certified producers to make your idea a reality. 

Even if your proposal is not chosen, you'll have the opportunity to create a short program, practicing hands-on studio skills like video switcher operation, graphics, advanced lighting, audio mixer operation and more.

This class is intended for certified Open Signal producers only. If your proposal is chosen, you get to take the class for free.

Class dates: August 22, August 24

Project Proposal due date: July 1

If your show is selected, we'll notify you by July 7.

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