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About Open Signal:
Open Signal is a community-driven media arts center located in Portland, Oregon. With a commitment to creativity, technology and social change, we make media production possible for everyone. 

About Our Volunteer Program:

Volunteering for Open Signal is a great way to network with like-minded media producers, make new friends, learn new skills and express yourself via your favorite medium. We offer $10 an hour in class credit which volunteers can apply towards any Open Signal workshop or summer camp.

Please complete as much information on this form as you are able. The details you provide will help us connect you with a volunteering opportunity with Open Signal.

We are currently seeking volunteers for the following positions:

Youth Education Volunteer:
Assisting youth in the creation of media projects is preferred, shifts typically last 5 hours.

Assist youth ages 8-13 in bringing their ideas to life through video and animation. Volunteers should have previous experience working with youth in an educational setting. A background in film or animation is a plus but not required. Youth volunteers will be required to pass a background check. 

16+ Workshop Volunteer:

Media arts experience preferred, shifts typically last 3-5 hours.

Help set up, break down, and move equipment during an evening or weekend workshop. Workshop volunteers should have some familiarity with the workshop they are applying to assist with. We currently offer workshops on video production, editing, TV studio production, animation, video installation and video processors, to name a few.

Editing Help:

Editing experience a must, shifts typically last 3-5 hours.

We need help editing some content together from our great programs. Ideally the content will be edited into individual timelines for upload to our channels. Editors should have past experience editing for TV and can use either their own editing computers/hard drives or can work on site using Open Signal’s. 

Workshop or Event Photographer:
Photography experience preferred. Shifts can last from 5-3 hours depending on the event.

We need photographers to cover the activities of our evening and weekend workshops. Images will potentially be used on our website, social media platforms and in promotional materials. All photos/videos that are used will be credited. 

Photographers should have past experience shooting special events and can use either their own digital cameras or Open Signal’s. There is scheduling flexibility with this position; you can sign up for as many or as few shifts as you want.

Event Volunteer:

Audio/ Visual production skills preferred. Shifts typically last 3-5 hours on weekday evenings. 

Help set up, break down, and move equipment during an evening event. Production may include access to sound board, lighting grid, projectors, and media management. Volunteers may also be asked to manage crowds, or prepare food.

For questions about the status of your application or for more information about our volunteer program please contact Open Signal's Media Services Technical Lead Chris Lawn at chrislawn@opensignalpdx.org

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