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About Open Signal:

Open Signal is a community-driven media arts center located in Portland, Oregon. With a commitment to creativity, technology and social change, we make media production possible for everyone.

About Future Forum:

Future Forum began as an artist talk series in the Spring of 2016. New media artists such as Moreshin Allahyari, Jesse Sugarmann and Weird Allan Kaprow were invited from across the country to present on their unique creative practices at the historic Hollywood Theatre. Prior to their lectures, artists led workshops for youth in our education programs. 

Through this exploration into the future of media arts and education a new program was born. Open Signal presents: Future Forum, media artist training for social impact. Explore the future of media, education, teaching and your career in a forum of like-minded individuals during a 10-month program at Open Signal. 

Future Forum offers a unique opportunity for artists who want to evolve their practice in a supportive community media center in Portland, Oregon. The program provides time, access to resources, and mentorship for artists who want to experiment radically with art, technology, and social engagement while developing new strategies for teaching technical and critical media art skills to marginalized populations. 

Under the guidance of thoughtful faculty and cultural practitioners, a selected cohort of artists will have access to professional media production equipment and facilities during the 10-month program. Participants will have a variety of exhibition opportunities throughout the length of the program and will meet experienced artists, curators and educators. During weekly seminars, artists will exchange feedback on their individual projects and facilitate alternative media education initiatives that will be offered through a growing list of community partnerships.

Program Timeline: This program begins on August 28th, 2017 and lasts through June 22, 2018. Participants can expect a 25-hour per week time commitment, with hours varying.

​The cost to attend this 10-month program is $3,000. Two work-study students will receive up to a full subsidy of the program costs.​

Deadline for Applications: June 16th

Participation in Future Forum comes with many benefits, including the following:

Art Practice

●      Training, access, and resources to make challenging new work. Open Signal workshops include certifications on industry standard equipment and software as well as experimental and career building offerings.

●      Mentorship from thoughtful faculty and cultural practitioners.

—      Venues to showcase work both at Open Signal and through community partnerships.

●      Promotion of exhibitions and screenings through Open Signal print and digital platforms.

●      A cohort of critically engaged artists exchanging knowledge.

Teaching Practice and Professional Development

●      Guidance to develop media education programs for diverse communities.

●      Artists are paired with on-call instructors to offer in-classroom support and observation of Open Signal workshops.

●      Successful completion of the program will result in an on-call instructor position starting at a competitive rate of $25/hr.

●      Professional development training in grant writing, budgeting, filing taxes as an independent contractor and networking sessions with organizations and institutions in the Portland area that utilize teaching artists.

Media Education Partnerships

●      Artists selected for the program will lead one educational initiative with current or potential partners such as: Open School North, Lents Youth Initiative or Media Institute for Social Change, to deliver media arts integration and media literacy to schools and community organizations serving disenfranchised and marginalized populations.

●      Artists may work in pairs or as a team on one partnership.

●      Artists can propose partnerships. Otherwise they will be paired with current or potential partners.

Preferred Qualifications:

●      Demonstrated media art practice.

●      Interest and/or involvement with community engagement.

●      Post-secondary education or 3-years work experience in the media arts field.

●      Ability to work effectively with others and support your peers.

●      Passionate about community media with a desire to teach and work with marginalized populations.

●      A commitment to equity at Open Signal and out in the community.
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