Open Signal offers Test-Out Certification for experienced filmmakers to access our resources without having to complete a certification course. Filmmakers who meet one of the follow qualifications are welcome to apply: a.) an advanced degree; b.) a certification with another access facility; or c.) more than two years work experience in the video, television or media production industry.

Available Test-Outs:

Intro to Video Production (includes standard JVC 600 cameras and field production gear - (audio and lighting) - $160
Canon C100 - $90
Sony FS7 - $90
JVC 850 - $50
Editing (Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere) - $135
Field Production gear (audio and lighting) - $50
iPad Activist Filmmaking Kit (includes iPad, two lenses, light, two mics)
- $45

We have a staff member available by appointment for test-outs on the Sony FS7.

NOTE: Canon C100 and Sony FS7 test-outs do not include certification for field production gear such as audio recording equipment and lighting. If you need access to field equipment, you can add on the Field Production test-out for $50. 

Test-Out Certification Guidelines:
  • Selected based on qualifications and ability to submit content within 2-month period. 
  • Attend an in-person test-out and new producer orientation.
  • If failure to pass, the full fee will be offered in workshop credit to be used within 1 year of test-out date. 
  • Content created with gear must be completed and submitted within 2-months. 
  • Equipment reservation rights will be revoked if you fail to submit content within 2-month time period and you will be asked to take an Independent Video Producer, Level 1 certification course if you wish to continue accessing Open Signal's equipment library and producer amenities. 
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