Test-Out Certification Request

Test-outs are available for experienced filmmakers to access our free resources without having to complete a certification course. 

Available Test-Outs


  • $110 - Intro to Video [Field] Production: JVC 600, tripods, beginner mics & flolights
  • $75 - iPad Activist Filmmaking Kit: iPad, two lenses, light, two mics

Camera Only

  • $60 JVC 850
  • $75 - Canon C100


  • $110 - Final Cut Pro X: macbooks with editing software and access to on-site editing bays
  • $110 - Adobe Premiere: macbooks with editing software and access to on-site editing bays


  • $50 - Beginner [Field] Production Gear: tripods, beginner mics & flolights
  • $100 - Advanced [Field] Production Gear: beginner mics + flolights, director's montiors, audio recorders, video recorders, c-stands, advanced mics & velvet lights

The Fine Print

  • Open Signal is a public access center.  Producer content must be submitted to our public access channels on a regular basis in order to checkout gear.  Initial round of content must be completed and submitted within 2-months.
  • After successful completion of an in-person test-out a community producer orientation must be completed to checkout gear.  Orientation sessions are held multiple times a week - talk to front desk for details
  • If failure to pass, no refunds will be given.  A workshop at full cost must be completed to be certified.  It is highly encouraged to take a workshop if you are not experienced in the testing subject.
  • Cancellations:  All test-outs are scheduled by appointment.  Cancellations with a 72 hour notice can rescheduled 1 time at no cost .  Cancellations with less than 72 hours notice can be rescheduled 1 time with a $25 rescheduling fee.  There will be no refunds & no exceptions fo our cancellation policy.
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