With a commitment to creativity, technology and social change, Open Signal makes media production possible for everyone. We provide skills, equipment, inspiration and we amplify local voices on five cable channels.

Open Signal builds upon the legacy of Portland Community Media (PCM), an organization that empowered thousands of Portlanders to access video and television technology during its 35-year history. 

Open Signal's cable TV platform can be used as a tool to agitate for and inspire social change. This class gets you started!

Do you have an idea for a show that would inspire compelling community dialogue? Sign up for Open Signal's project-based studio class, "We ARE the Media," and submit a proposal that explains what your idea is, how many people you'd need, how you'd shoot it and other logistics.

If your proposal is chosen, you'll get to work with a crew of certified producers to make your idea a reality. 

Even if your proposal is not chosen, you'll have the opportunity to create a short program, practicing hands-on studio skills like video switcher operation, graphics, advanced lighting, audio mixer operation and more.

This class is intended for certified Open Signal producers only. If your proposal is chosen, you get to take the class for free.

Class dates: August 22, August 24

Project Proposal due date: July 1

If your show is selected, we'll notify you by July 7.

Volunteering for Open Signal is a great way to network with like-minded media producers, make new friends, learn new skills and express yourself via your favorite medium. We offer $10 an hour in class credit which volunteers can apply towards any Open Signal workshop or summer camp.

Please complete as much information as possible on this form. These details will help us connect you with a volunteering opportunity in our Programming Department. 

We are currently seeking volunteers for the following positions:

Workshop Volunteer
Media arts experience preferred, shifts typically last 3-5 hours.

Help set up, break down, and move equipment during an evening or Saturday workshop. Workshop volunteers should have some familiarity with the workshop they are applying to assist with. We currently offer workshops on video production, editing, TV studio production, animation, video installation and video synthesizers, to name a few. 

Workshop and Event Photographer
Photography experience preferred. Shifts typically last 3-5 hours depending on the workshop.

We need photographers to cover the activities of our evening and weekend workshops. Images will potentially be used on our website, social media platforms and in promotional materials. All photos/videos that are used will be credited. 

Photographers should have past experience shooting special events and can use either their own digital cameras or Open Signal’s. There is scheduling flexibility with this position; you can sign up for as many or as few shifts as you want.

Camp Support 
No media arts experience required, PT or FT.

Throughout the week, you will be called upon to help with daily morning set up, camper check in/out, serving lunch, camper lunch supervision/presence, moving gear and other tasks that help make Open Signal camps run more smoothly.

Camp Photographer/Videographer: 
Photography experience preferred. Flexible scheduling. 

During camp sessions, photographers and videographers are asked to shoot all aspects of camp in a respectful and non-intrusive way. Immediately following the session, they are asked to deliver edited materials. 

All photos/videos that are used will be credited. Photographers and videographers should have past experience shooting special events and can use either their own digital cameras or Open Signal’s. There is scheduling flexibility with this position; you can sign up for as many or as few shifts as you want.

Guest Artist Event Volunteer:

Audio/ Visual production skills preferred. Shifts typically last 3-5 hours on weekday evenings. 

Help set up, break down, and move equipment during an evening Guest Artist event. Production may include access to sound board, lighting grid, projectors, and media management. Volunteers may also be asked to manage crowds, or prepare food.

About Open Signal:
Open Signal is a community-driven media arts center located in Portland, Oregon. With a commitment to creativity, technology and social change, we make media production possible for everyone. 

Information about Bob Hedlund Memorial Scholarship Fund For Media Education


Bob Hedlund, Independent Producer’s Advocate

Bob Hedlund is known for his commitment to the role of community media in society.  Hedlund was more than a volunteer; he was a leader at Portland Community Media, now known as Open Signal.

For the past ten years Bob had been an important member of the PCM family. He created the Independent Producers’ Organization (IPO) and produced the IPO series, which continues to address topics such as media reform and legislation. He attended PCM board meetings to ensure the needs and views of independent producers were always included in discussion, and volunteered on numerous programs in support of other PCM producers.

Bob greeted everyone with a beaming, infectious smile and a warm hug. His presence will be missed very much by PCM staff and producers.


In honor of Bob and his commitment to producers, PCM named its Media Education Scholarship, the Bob Hedlund Memorial Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund enables area residents to participate in Open Signal’s media education program at reduced rates or no charge.

How to Apply

To apply for the scholarship, please complete the application form and submit along with documentation of financial need. Please clearly specify your priority of first, second and third workshop choice and workshop dates on the application. Scholarships are reviewed on the 15th of every month and scholarships will be awarded on the 20th of every month. Scholarship applications that demonstrate a desire to create media work that will inspire, educate or bring awareness to the greater community, will be strongly considered.  Submission of application does not guarantee a scholarship or enrollment in the class. If your application is approved and registration is full, you will be offered enrollment in the next available class.  Applicants may be considered for one scholarship slot per term, with a maximum of 3 scholarships per calendar year.

Guidelines and Criteria

The following conditions must apply to be eligible for scholarship funds:

·      Scholarships are open to area residents within the city of Portland.  Underserved or underrepresented populations can be considered in the greater Portland area.

·      Applicant must demonstrate financial need by supplying documentation that supports his/her low-income status.  Accepted documents include: Pay Stubs, Income Tax Return, statement of benefits, documentation from DHS, etc. For your privacy please exercise caution when uploading sensitive documents. Social Security numbers should be blacked out.  If documentation cannot be supplied, applicants must complete the application section explaining their financial situation. 

Applications missing documentation will not be considered.

·      All current Operating Policies, Rules, and Procedures apply. 


Applicants must agree to the following in order to be approved for a scholarship:

·      Must participate in Open Signal’s workshops with the intent to produce programming for Open Signal channels.

About Open Signal:

Open Signal is a community-driven media arts center located in Portland, Oregon. With a commitment to creativity, technology and social change, we make media production possible for everyone.

About Future Forum:

Future Forum began as an artist talk series in the Spring of 2016. New media artists such as Morehshin Allahyari, Jesse Sugarmann and Weird Allan Kaprow were invited from across the country to present on their unique creative practices at the historic Hollywood Theatre. Prior to their lectures, artists led workshops for youth in our education programs. 

Through this exploration into the future of media arts and education a new program was born. Open Signal presents: Future Forum, media artist training for social impact. Explore the future of media, education, teaching and your career in a forum of like-minded individuals during a 10-month program at Open Signal. 

Future Forum offers a unique opportunity for artists who want to evolve their practice in a supportive community media center in Portland, Oregon. The program provides time, access to resources, and mentorship for artists who want to experiment radically with art, technology, and social engagement while developing new strategies for teaching technical and critical media art skills to marginalized populations. 

Under the guidance of thoughtful faculty and cultural practitioners, a selected cohort of artists will have access to professional media production equipment and facilities during the 10-month program. Participants will have a variety of exhibition opportunities throughout the length of the program and will meet experienced artists, curators and educators. During weekly seminars, artists will exchange feedback on their individual projects and facilitate alternative media education initiatives that will be offered through a growing list of community partnerships.

Program Timeline: This program begins on August 28th, 2017 and lasts through June 22, 2018. Participants can expect a 25-hour per week time commitment, with hours varying.

​The cost to attend this 10-month program is $3,000. Two work-study students will receive up to a full subsidy of the program costs.​

Deadline for Applications: June 16th

Participation in Future Forum comes with many benefits, including the following:

Art Practice

●      Training, access, and resources to make challenging new work. Open Signal workshops include certifications on industry standard equipment and software as well as experimental and career building offerings.

●      Mentorship from thoughtful faculty and cultural practitioners.

●      Venues to showcase work both at Open Signal and through community partnerships.

●      Promotion of exhibitions and screenings through Open Signal print and digital platforms.

●      A cohort of critically engaged artists exchanging knowledge.

Teaching Practice and Professional Development

●      Guidance to develop media education programs for diverse communities.

●      Artists are paired with on-call instructors to offer in-classroom support and observation of Open Signal workshops.

●      Successful completion of the program will result in an on-call instructor position starting at a competitive rate of $25/hr.

●      Professional development training in grant writing, budgeting, filing taxes as an independent contractor and networking sessions with organizations and institutions in the Portland area that utilize teaching artists.

Media Education Partnerships

●      Artists selected for the program will lead one educational initiative with current or potential partners such as: Open School North, Lents Youth Initiative or Media Institute for Social Change, to deliver media arts integration and media literacy to schools and community organizations serving disenfranchised and marginalized populations.

●      Artists may work in pairs or as a team on one partnership.

●      Artists can propose partnerships. Otherwise they will be paired with current or potential partners.

Preferred Qualifications:

●      Demonstrated media art practice.

●      Interest and/or involvement with community engagement.

●      Post-secondary education or 3-years work experience in the media arts field.

●      Ability to work effectively with others and support your peers.

●      Passionate about community media with a desire to teach and work with marginalized populations.

●      A commitment to equity at Open Signal and out in the community.

About Open Signal

We empower our community to make effective use of media for creative expression, cultural exchange and civic participation.


Partnerships with nearby schools and fellow non-profits and community organizations make up the heart of Open Signal and vary depending on the needs and goals of each organization. We believe in sharing resources for the greater good with partners that further our mission. We offer in-school, after-school and weekend instruction on digital storytelling, equipment lending, discounted trainings and more! 

We award partnerships based on alignment with our mission, available in-kind resources and overall capacity.  Submissions are reviewed monthly on an ongoing basis. Please submit applications 60-days prior to proposed partnership start date. Partnerships that require space on-site at Open Signal must be requested in advance of our programming seasons by the following dates.

Space Request Deadlines: 

      • Summer Session (June 13th – August 26th) Deadline: March 27th 

      • Fall Session (September 11th – December 22nd) Deadline: July 7th

      • Winter / Spring Session (January 22th – April 28) Deadline: November 17th

Open Signal is proud to partner with the following organizations, which give under-served groups access to media technology:

Open School North
Creative Science School
Lents Youth Initiative
Vox Siren 
Media Institute for Social Change
Waseda University

Ends on June 16, 2017

About Future Forum:

Open Signal's Future Forum is a 10-month social impact training for media artists who want to evolve their practice in a supportive community media center in Portland, Oregon. The program provides time, access to resources, and mentorship for artists who want to experiment radically with art, technology, and social engagement while developing new strategies for teaching technical and critical media art skills to marginalized populations.

 Work Study Program: 

There are 2 work study positions available for Future Forum which can reduce monthly tuition fees by $15/hr for up to 20/hrs a month for assisting with: workshops, event setup/breakdown, video/photo documentation, front desk, crew on productions, various other cross departmental tasks as needed.

Guidelines and Criteria:

1.) Complete the program application in addition to the work study application   

2.) Work study is awarded to 2 students who best exemplify the purpose of the Future Forum.

3.) Work study is available to Oregon residents. International students are not eligible for work study.

4.) Oregon residents must demonstrate financial hardship by supplying documentation that supports their status as unemployed or on disability. Other documentation that supports financial hardship status may be submitted.

Ends in 2 days, 3 hours

On Inauguration Day 2017, Open Signal, Portland Community Media Center and Lower Boom partnered to launch “POST-TRUTH” at Post-Truth-World.com.

Open Signal and Lower Boom will award a $1000 stipend to five regional storytellers to facilitate the creation of original work reflecting/commenting on the concept of Post-Truth.


Oxford Dictionaries selected “Post-Truth” as 2016’s international word of the year, after the contentious “Brexit” referendum and an equally divisive U.S. presidential election caused usage of the adjective to skyrocket, according to the Oxford University Press.

The dictionary defines “post-truth” as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.”


Open Signal and Lower Boom invite regional storytellers and artists to submit proposals with project descriptions, scripts, works in progress, or finished films by May 30, 2017 for consideration. 

The five chosen proposals will be granted $1,000 each. Media-makers will have four months to finish or fine tune their projects prior to screening. 

The finished work will premiere at a public Post-Truth screening in November, to be hosted on the Post-Truth-World.com website, and to air on Open Signal's website and cable channels.

To apply, please submit your application by May 30 at midnight PST.

All submissions must be made by Portland regional artists and be original work that is related to the Post-Truth theme. Applicants must own copyright of all proposal content, or secure authorization and permission from the copyright owner of any and all copyrighted content or materials, including music, images, etc.


NOTE: We are taking submissions, right now and an ongoing basis, for finished work to be featured on the Post-Truth website. Any film submitted to truth@lower.boom.com can be featured on the site, regardless of the stipend awards. If the filmmaker desires, the work (regardless of stipend awards) will also be considered for other outlets, such as the Lower Boom Presents channel at the Hotel Eastlund (hoteleastlund.com/news/exclusive-tv-at-hotel-eastlund/) and the soon-to-be-released Lower Boom Presents short film compilations.

Open Signal, Portland Community Media Center is a community-driven media arts center located in Portland, Oregon. With a commitment to creativity, technology and social change, we make media production possible for everyone. We host numerous educational opportunities for filmmakers to gain skills and access to state of the art equipment in order to produce new content. We want to share your voice and vision with the world.  We welcome folks interested in participating in Post-Truth to take classes and use of facilities to make their projects come to life.


Portland, Oregon-based Lower Boom creates new models and markets for storytellers world-wide.


For any questions related to the project, please direct questions to truth@lowerboom.com or sarah@opensignalpdx.org.

Open Signal's New Media Fellowship provides time, space, and resources for artists and media-makers to create new works of socially engaged, innovative digital media. 

During the Fellowship, artists will produce and complete work on-site with Open Signal equipment, staff support and community input. 

Values of our New Media Fellows and their projects are innately educational, rigorous in technical expertise, committed to community building, open to collaboration and strive for experimentation in their work produced with Open Signal media equipment.

Each Fellow will hold a 2.5 month residency on-site at Open Signal and receive a stipend of $750, priority access to a private workspace, a scholarship for Open Signal workshops and personalized input from field professionals. Fellowships support two artists per term. Open Signal does not provide room and board for New Media Fellows. 

We're looking for digital media-focused work by Portland and regional artists. This can extend far beyond video work, and may include VR/AR, video game design, sound recording, music, online publishing, computer programming, app development, performance, 2-D, 3-D and multi-dimensional art. 

New Media Fellows projects should be socially or civically minded in their process and/or product. The artists chosen will be expected to act as a catalyst of their own community on-site as well as actively engaging with the Open Signal community during their tenure. 

To help facilitate this, New Media Fellows will be required to participate in the following public events surrounding their fellowship: Artist Talk, Workshop, Open Studio, and Public Exhibition.

Successful New Media Fellowship candidates should be emerging or established artists in Portland, Oregon. Applications will only be accepted for individual artists, not collectives or collaborators. Candidates should be available for the entirety of the Fellowship they are applying for. A panel of New Media Art professionals will hold a jury for selection of the applications received.

New Media Fellowship Dates:

Fall Term: October 16-December 15 

Applications due July 15

Questions? Please email Open Signal Guest Artists Manager, Sarah Turner, sarah@opensignalpdx.org.


Night Lights is a monthly public art event that promotes digital media, urban intervention and technological innovation through site-specific outdoor art experiences.

On the First Thursdays of October through April, juried artists showcase their work on the North Wall of the Regional Arts & Culture Council's offices, located in the General Automotive Building, near the intersection of NW Glisan and NW Park Avenue in Portland. 

Currently in its third year, Night Lights is an ongoing collaboration between Open Signal and The Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC). Past projects have included large-scale media projections, live multi-disciplinary performances and collective screenings by students and professionals.

Night Lights is seeking artists, artist collectives and curators to submit proposals of new or recently developed works for the 2017-2018 season. Applications that directly respond to the architecture, space and public environment will be prioritized. 

Selected artists will present their work after dusk, one of the first Thursday evenings of October, November, December, and February.

This call is open to anyone living in Oregon and southern Washington. All applications will be reviewed by a panel of experienced digital media artists and professionals*. 

Any group or individual selected to participate will receive an honorarium of $1,000 at the completion of their presentation.

Submissions for all Night Light opportunities are due by 11:59 p.m. on June 19, 2017Awarded applicants will be notified in mid-July.

Submissions of short form, non-narrative, site-specific work suitable for a general audience will take precedence. 

When considering this opportunity, please note that this is an outdoor event, lasting up to 3 hours in the winter evenings, so Portland's typical winter weather conditions should be taken into account when writing your proposal. 

For each Night Lights presentation, selected applicants will have access to an Epson G6070 projector, Fender multi-mic, PA system, 10’ x 10’ pop up tent and assistance from Night Lights staff and volunteers. Chosen artists will have the opportunity to share their selected artwork on Open Signal's cable television channels.

Application requirements:

  • Statement of interest (Max. 250 words) 
  • Night Lights Project Proposal (Max. 250 words)
  • Resume
  • Estimated budget
  • Link to website and/or past work
  • Images (Max. 6)
  • Equipment Needs
  • Timeline of availability

Night Lights Artist Residency:

Night Lights offers one additional opportunity for creating new, site-specific work through a single artist residency that takes place at Open Signal’s studios/facility. 

The chosen artist or artist group receives an honorarium of $5,000, a private studio space, a $500 scholarship to Open Signal classes and full access from December 1, 2017 thru April 8, 2018 to Open Signal production and projection equipment.  

The residency concludes with the April edition of Night Lights, which will premiere on Open Signal’s exterior wall and adjacent parking lot. The exhibited artwork or documentation will broadcast on Open Signal's cable channels and then become a permanent artwork in the City of Portland’s public art collection.


Residency application requirements:

  • Statement of interest (Max. 250 words) 
  • Night Lights Project Proposal (Max. 250 words)
  • Resume
  • Estimated budget
  • Link to website and/or past work
  • Images (Max. 6)
  • Equipment Needs

For more information about the Night Lights submission process, please attend one of our Information Sessions:

June 5, 6:00-7:00 p.m. at RACC (411 NW Park Ave, Portland, OR)

June 12, 6:00-7:00 p.m. at Open Signal (2766 NE MLK Jr. Blvd)

Night Lights is a collaboration between Regional Arts and Culture Council and Open Signal. Please see nightlightspdx.tumblr.com to review past Night Lights projects.

Questions about submissions? Please email Sarah Turner, Open Signal Guest Artist Manager at Sarah@opensignalpdx.org or William Rihel, RACC Public Art Specialist at wrihel@racc.org.

*The selection panel is not required to select from submitted applications and reserves the right to invite artists who do not apply to consider a Night Lights opportunity.