Open Signal is a media arts center in Portland, Oregon. We carry a vision for community-driven media focused on creativity, technology and social change.

Open Signal's online streaming website is a central hub for Portland to see itself and be seen.

We highlight work from local, independent media makers and community organizations. We believe in creating people-driven alternatives to mass media—and that media should be available anytime, from anywhere.

We are currently accepting submissions of work to host on the local content section of this website.


  • All work must be locally produced in the greater Portland, OR Area.
  • We request that you share links to work that is already online on one of these public platforms: Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook. 
  • All work submitted must be originally produced and cannot contain copyrighted material or commercial content. 
  • There are no age limitations for submitters. We encourage emerging media makers to submit their work to be featured alongside experienced media makers.
  • We are a youth friendly website. If the content you are submitting is mature* in language or content (anything above PG-13), YOU MUST add a viewer discretion slate to the start of your video that states "The following is intended only for mature audiences.  Viewer discretion is advised." If you do not have a disclaimer then the video will not be on the online video streaming website but can be on our cable channels during safe harbor hours.
  • Content submitted will also be featured on our local cable access channels.  

*Mature content includes: excessive adult language, drugs, or implied use of drugs, sex acts or implied sex acts.


  • Because we host work that is already on a public platform (YT, FB, Vimeo) views of your videos on our website count towards views on your YT, FB or Vimeo.
  • We have an established audience, leading to increased views of your content.
  • You get to show off the brilliant work Portland has to offer :)

Open Signal is launching a new program for local nonprofits! 

A picture says a thousand words but a well-produced video can speak magnitudes about the work your organization does. Do you do great things and wish your organization could document your events or create other informative and mission-driven content? Become certified through the Teach to Learn program at Open Signal! Open Signal offers video production trainings for nonprofits interested in checking out Open Signal's "grab ’n go" Panasonic 4k Field Production Kits and Final Cut Pro X editing software. After this training you’ll be able to teach individuals in your community so that they may check out equipment to produce ongoing content for your organization to share with the Portland metro area and beyond.

Creative content-driven projects for your volunteers/staff can:

  • Boost organization moral
  • Provide valuable creative and technical skills for your community
  • Expand your reach, amplifying your message and story to new audiences
  • Create a lasting impact

Teach to Learn Trainings can be catered to meet your needs, and can be scheduled by appointment (based on availability of our trainers) on  Wednesdays and Fridays . Our trainings will certify you to check out the corresponding gear from our media equipment library upon completion of your training. You will be able to check out gear to train and certify other creatives at your nonprofit. This will allow you to complete projects and submit your content to air on our community cable TV channels and online streaming site.

Age restrictions may apply for certain equipment certifications.

Please note that Teach to Learn Trainings are intended for educational purposes, team building for your nonprofit or group and for submitting your completed work to air on public access TV. Use of Open Signal equipment is not intended for freelance or for-profit work.

This program is currently in a pilot phase and pricing is based on a sliding scale contribution.

For assistance in filling out this form or for more information, contact our media education team at education [at]

Open Signal